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January isn’t too high up on people’s lists of most favourite months of the year, but it’s not all bad. While the buzz of Christmas may have best and the chilly weather intensified, there’s still plenty to keep a smile on your face - and especially if you’re visiting Toronto. If you’re planning a trip to the city from mid- to end-January, you’ll be able to enjoy events that include a special night of dancing, craft beer, and a food festival, as well as all the other usual attractions of Toronto. Check out the need to know info below.

dancing girl
Source: Bruce Mars

Dance to stay warm

What better way to beat the chill of the winter season than by dancing yourself silly? On Saturday, January 12, the Natrel Rink will host a DJ skate night, presented by Beam Me Up. They’ll be playing all the underground tracks you need to get into the groove.

Craft beer fest

There’s a reason why craft beer has grown in popularity in recent years: it tastes delicious! Craft beer festivals always have a fun vibe but don’t take our word for it - head down to Winter Craft Beer Festival 2019, which will be taking place at Roundhouse Park on January 26.

For the food lovers

Winter is the season when we should all be eating well! The Winterlicious 2019 festival will be taking place from January 25 - February 7, during which visitors and locals alike will be able to taste set menus from some of the finest restaurants in the city.

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